Equipment and facilities

Resistance Machines

  • Multi Press
  • Dual Rear Deltoid & Pectoral Fly
  • Dual Leg Extension & Leg Curl
  • Dual Lat Pull Down & Vertical Row
  • Dual Hip Abductor & Adductor
  • Dual Adjustable Pully
Resistance machines at The Unit Gym

Our gym offers a variety of machines to help you build strength and tone muscles. With adjustable settings for all fitness levels, our machines provide safe, guided workouts suitable for everyone. Elevate your training and achieve optimal results with our premium resistance machines.

Free Weights

  • Dumbbells (2.5kg-45kg)
  • Fixed barbells (10kg-35kg)
  • Adjustable Benches
  • Preacher Curl Bench
  • Barbell Landmine platform
  • Dip/Pull Up Station
Free weights at The Unit Gym

Explore our free weights area, including dumbbells up to 45kg, a variety of fixed and free barbells, lifting stations, and adjustable benches. Our versatile equipment is perfect for improving strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Please speak with our on-site PT's and coaches for advice.

Training rig

  • 2x Lifting Zones
  • Olympic Bars (20kg)
  • Hex/Trap Bar
  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Triceps Bar
  • Plates (10kg-25kg)
  • Plyo Jump Attachment
  • Dip Station
Training rig at The Unit Gym

Maximise your workout potential with our Primal Strength training rig, ideal for power lifting and functional exercises. Featuring both dip bars and step-up plate, it is perfect for building muscular and cardio strength, as well as achieving fitness and toning goals.


  • Treadmills
  • Exercise Bikes
  • Cross trainers
  • Rowers
  • Steppers
  • Sled & Track
Cardio equipment at The Unit Gym

We offer a wide variety of cardio equipment, including treadmills, steppers, rowers, air bikes, cross trainers, as well as a weighted sled and track. Keep your cardio routine fresh and exciting with a variety of options to challenge yourself and achieve your fitness goals.

Plate loaded machines

  • Hack Squat
  • Glute Hip Drive
  • Leg Press
  • Smith Machine
  • Incline T-bar Back Row
Plate loaded machines at The Unit Gym

We offer a wide range of plate loaded resistance machines, including the hack squat, leg press, glute hip drive, T-bar row, and Smith machine. These machines provide adjustable resistance, mimic natural movements, promote strength gains and help ensure safety when lifting.

Functional room

  • Matted Flooring
  • 7x Heavy Punch Bags
  • 2x Angle Punch Bags
  • Raised Boxing Ring
  • Hook & Jab Pads
  • Slam Balls
  • Medicine Balls
  • Kettle Bells
  • Agility Ladder & Hurdles
  • Swiss Ball
Functional room at The Unit Gym

Our spacious matted training room is equipped with heavy punch bags and a raised boxing ring, making it the perfect space for diverse activities such as classes, circuits, stretching, and combat sports. Unleash your potential in a dynamic environment designed to elevate your fitness journey.

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